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Monday, January 02, 2012

I've been really bored these days. No holiday hw, no need to prepare for school. Feels quite good, but yeah REALLY bored, which is also why I'm here hehe. Put a closure to 2011, and get a fresh start to 2012.

Well 2011 pretty much marked the end of many things. But, I think I can safely say that 2011 was a great year! Ups and downs as usual, but I guess.. Many more memories, many new experiences, less regrets.

I remember Mr Chew telling us (somewhat like what Mr Tay said) about school life not only being about academics, but also about the memories we have in school, and how he encouraged us to look beyond the grades we were achieving for the first half of the year at least. And I guess, for 6C31'11, we did manage to do that. Well, at least, when I think of 2011, the first thing that pops into my head are the retarded moments in class and with the class people. Well actually, when I think of 2011, I immediately think of 6c31 and feel happy. hahaha the wonders of a great class. Hm I think I could have done more as a chairperson I guess, but I feel that I've contributed much more than I did for 4B'09. Maybe because I didn't want any regrets, and well I guess the class is just so enthusiastic it makes you really wanna do more. Well, I'm thankful that I've got to know everyone better and I'm especially thankful for a few souls in the class who've provided support to me! Wifey hehe.:D and tcbs! 2nd half of the year was well dominated by class peeps again + studying(even though I cant really rmb the studying part already). Kinda lucky I guess I didn't really have any like breakdown moments during the studying period. But still, thankful for those who helped me when I was so hopeless about math. Yeah well, so I made it through A levels I guess with a satisfactory performance except GP once again. Think TCM really saved my econs!! hehe glad:D

Somehow when I think back, 2011 passed really damn fast lah. Only remembering being happy and epic most of the time thanks to the little kids in class:):) Glad to have known them man I'm really damn lucky to get into this class with them!! Hope we can stay so kiddy and happy and open and stay close even when we grow old. Like the 3 idiots!

CCA wise, I'm glad I chose to participate in SAFMC haha epic memories again and well, I guess I learnt something! Operating the plane is damn hard HAHA. and building it is whew. Yuherng is zai (Y). Touch Rugby was a different experience from SJ, meeting new people and bonding through hiong trainings, and wanting to improve and play good matches. Touch really improved my stamina too! Yeah well I hope like hell that the school recognises it as a CCA and let us get coaches! It would really benefit the girls and let the CCA grow. SJ! Bittersweet I guess. But Oh well! still undecided about next year, actually. We'll see! Well, one of my greatest regret this year is linked to SJ - It's kinda sad that well, I don't feel as strongly about the squads as I once did when we passed out. Yep both squads no typo there. But oh well! You lose some you win some. SJ has always been a big part of my life in all my years in DHS. From year 1-6 and I guess the memories and experiences are something that will stay with me throughout. For that, I'm thankful to SJ.

That's about it for 2011 and the end of DHS! 2012.. It's a damn blurry future now haha I don't even know what I will be doing in half a year's time! Well, let's hope my first half of the year goes as I planned and goes smoothly. And of course, I'm definitely gonna enjoy life to the fullest for this half of the year! No new year resolutions! I won't keep to them anyway but I'll just live life by my values and have fun. To everyone reading this: Please HAVE FUN! You only live life once:).

Okay gotta run, helping ppl tomorrow with work woo must practise if not cui haha

Sunday, August 14, 2011
Damn I miss those times, where the whole lot of us used to spend many days a week tgt.
Needs to chillax!


Friday, June 03, 2011
A tribute to a group of very special people, who have been so important in the past 4 years of my life. Their lives, from my POV

Don't really know what this feeling's called. 欣慰? Or 舍不得 hm.
Was quite 感动 by my house caps yesterday and their retardedness. And that probably started me feeling emotional.

Sure, I was happy that they passed out. Afterall, it means that my work here is done, in some sense. It also means that these bunch of kids have completed their 4 difficult yet hopefully fulfilling lives in SJ. Looking back, when I first took them in 2008.. They were a bunch of KIDS. Little ones that didn't know how to do kekiri/kekanan busing. Kids who couldn't cheer properly, dragged their feets, complained about an (to us) easy PT.

Then we moved on to STD1camp. Another set of memories for us. Honestly, what I remember the most, is Jianchong (then fatfat, cannot run one, PT got problems one) whose shoe dropped out and caused him to lag behind to wear his shoe properly, running alongside me, not giving up when I pushed him to go back to his team (which was quite in front) and continuing the entire route march. Other more epic memories like nightwalk.. again Jianchong, Jiayi and Huixian as well.. Field cooking, fail fires, cute team and of course the cheesy Siyao. Remembering how me and Janson chionged through the heavy rain to get to every tent to rescue their bags so their stuff won't be wet. Got epicly soaked :X. Remember how we prepared their uniforms for them during camp, how they initially didn't want to wear the uniforms and how they finally wore it.. looking good:)

2009. When we started to get stricter (although my SMC was.. always strict). Remember us making them crawl at the jnr high block, and at the hostel area cause they were always dragging their feets. When my SMC had the mentality of being so strict on them so that they would have an easy time in JNCO. Weird thoughts HAHA. When they started becoming better cadets, worthy of STD2s, it was time for us to go. And well, I admit. part of the reason why I'm still here is because of this bunch of people. That was a load of great memories. Still remember after POP, spying on their training on the 6th floor, listening to them shout CIETS, and feeling proud of them already:) My batch's first JNCO as seniors, followed them for Hike, and some activities.. Activation casualties, SBB, them passing out as JNCOs. Signing on was worth those memories.

2010. Became their SMC officer, helped them with projects, with becoming instructors. Watching some conflicts arise, yet watching how they resolved these conflicts. Arguing about appointments with the seniors.. Gosh we took many weeks to settle those appointments. How some people get upset over appointments, how they overcame that. Watched them take over the corps as instructors. First few trainings.. Wasn't perfect, but could see the effort put in already. Trainings were closely watched, comments with how to improve were shot to them many times. They changed, they improved. Watching how the quiet cadets step up to improve the trainings certainly has a sense of satisfaction. STD1comp, watched how a different group of people shone. The house captains. Watched how people step up alot more in individual house trainings to improve the cadets, and how much the kids were enjoying the comp trains. Watched how they started to feel the sense of pride for their juniors. JNCO planning, wasn't too involved since I was busy with Lancer. Observed a couple of them through activities planned out by them, again saw different people stepping up and improve.

2011. New year, new SMC. Watched how Jianchong start to lead his SMC, to take charge and ownership over his Std1s. Watched how super super quiet people of the past step up to help the Std1s. Feeling the sense of satisfaction there. I remember how Wanxin came up to ask me how to teach her Std3s to be instructors. Trainings started to get smoother, with experience. Witnessed how fiercely attached to their house the house captains AND the other members of the house were. Loved the sense of ownership they had then. But still glad that they were mature enough to see the reasons for it all. Intracomp period again, watching them conduct comp trains without them seeing me(so that they will be more zi zai), feeling happy everytime I go down to watch 'cause I can see the ownership and pride in them, and how they enjoy those sessions. Stepped down as DY 'cause I didn't think I could give them the best experience and I don't want to shortchange them of that. ALC, Chionging gifts for them, writing cards until falling asleep, loving how they enjoyed themselves in ALC. POP.. watched how they cried during/after parade, saluting the march past.. Thinking of how they couldn't even sedia properly.. Yes, they've come far. Cheering with them for the last time. Watching them throw their berets. (remembering how their beret was first seasoned by 5 of us, stuffing 7 berets under my bed HAHA) Screwed performance LOL that's what you get with a few hours at night in the dance studio. Watching their last performance tgt. So much better than last time haha althought we didn't get to watch one when we passed out.. reminds me of the video we got though.. How I laughed and smiled at their retarded self in the video. Yeah well, that whole day was tearless. Then came morning, decided to visit them during the 10 mins break in lecture, got ATTACKED by the house captains and Jiayi and Peter. Felt so.. surreal haha didn't really expect that from them but was a pleasant surprise. Watched them san ju gong. EMOTIONAL TTM. went to search for my jenova people. Little Jiahwan, Big Rachel.. Held back tears when I saw them crying so hard. 长大了 were the only 3 words going through my mind. While leaving Lydia said it was a touching sight.. And then tears fell. chionged back to lecture cause i didn't really want them+the snrs to see it.:P Didn't really listen much during lecture 'cause I was thinking abt SJ, teared a bit more, but calmed myself down before going down. Thank god everyone below was normal, except Sir WC haha I think I owe him a hug hm.

Jenova: Met the 5 Jenova kids during STD1comp, 5 uniquely different people. One who was quiet yet high (Winky), one who was DAMN TALL, quiet, yet had crazy burst of laughters DURING CASE (Rachel), one who I had trouble with, yet put in effort to read up (Yunzhu), one who was NOT SO TALL, yet very friendly and cute (Jiahwan), one who was ALSO DAMN TALL, quiet then but funny (Eric). Much effort was spent on them, trying to train them up to be kids who were better than me. These 5 people once made me so ayshjbnkdas and worried and so irritated thinking how to improve them, but now, I'm really so so so proud of them.

To my house caps, I'm sorry if i didn't manage to give enough guidance or anything, and whatever I shared with you guys during the appointment sharing 2 years back, was what I aimed to let you guys feel. Being a house captain is a very fulfilling role if you put in effort. How much you get back is proportional to how much you give. Seeing what you've given, i daresay you've all gotten back alot.

And so their journey ends here. People I've cared for for almost 1/4 my life. My journey with them ends here too. It was a roller coaster ride, but a fun one at that. One I never regretted getting on:)

If that group of people happened to be reading this, I hope you guys stay united, one squad one spirit. Nothing's worth it, because you guys have been through JNCO, have been through 4 years in SJ. And that makes you guys brothers and sisters:). Thank you for bringing colour into my life, I guess I won't forget you guys for a long time to come. 小孩子啊,你们真的长大了:). Hope you all can get this same sense of satisfaction when you see your cadets pass out in the future, no matter whether you sign on or not. I demand a photo with each of you before I leave DHS! haha:) Lastly, Happy POP! Thanks for all you've done:)

Monday, May 02, 2011
What're we all hanging on for?
New-found motivation

Sometimes life just seems like chapters of goodbye.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011
So are we all acquitance, or friends?

How well do we really know the people around us?
And how long can friendships last?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011
Hahahaha Weiqi reminded me of this place.
*Blows off dust*

Anw, Yuherng is so cute can't find another place to put it.

Yu Herng>> says:
*better give me a dry zhengxinyuan
*if not i go sing wa meng ti in front of kongzi

Monday, October 04, 2010
Hm, Promos ended about nearly 1 week ago, funny though, how it doesn't really feel that way. Somehow.
Don't really know what to expect this time, with the lack of time and effort put in as compared to previous year's EOYs and such. I think I even spent more time on CTs than promos. Sigh oh well. No use regretting anything now. Just hope for the best.

Past few days were good, besides the fact that I cannot seem to remember how I'm supposed to sound like. I guess I enjoyed myself, but not to the extent where I feel completely relaxed yet. Something's missing. Maybe I'll find that missing link tomorrow. Mm, I guess I'm still on the road to self-discovery. I think I know what I'm missing but then again, I'm not sure. Oh well.

On a side note, being with 5c31 is really really nice. And like Wenzhong said, suddenly after promos you'll find that 1 year's gone. There's only 1 year left with these kukus. Saddddddd. It's amazing how they can make everyday life so entertaining HAHA. The lovely 6 dwarfs! Yeah man I shall take some time off in the holidays to spend on these people:D Be in MAHJONGGG or BADMINTON or doing sth nice. Hmmmm.:D makes me happy to think of it.

Alrightz I shall go do my emoeom nao so I can slack tmr. and maybe squeeze in the last 2 episodes of mentalist!